Monday, December 30, 2013

Cat Care Society: December News From Our Forever Homes

Mo - Is now called “Grandma Kitty” and ignores the Shih-Tzu in her new home and enjoys roaming around and hanging out in her new home. She also likes to pat at the strings on the venetian blinds at the window.

Ducky - likes using her scratching disc and her owners describe her as super affectionate and take turns sleeping next to each separate person.

Jason - makes people get down on the floor with him at his level and he loves the attention. He rubs his face next to yours and likes to play with a rattle ball and run around the furniture to play. He shares his home with two other cats.

Pokey - goes by the new name Oreo and adopted by a woman and her elderly parents. Oreo likes the woman’s father who has Parkinson’s and likes to get into his lap. The first night she saw her reflection in the sun room’s windows and thought it was another cat and hissed at her self. Now she uses the room for sunning her fur.

Ipo - pronounced E-po is sociable to the visitors that come to her home and loves being with her new owner all day.

Congratulations to our alumni!

Check out the other kitties...still waiting

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