Thursday, September 12, 2013

Westword: 'The debate over cat declawing sharpens'

Cat Care Society's Suellen Scott is quoted in today's cover article by Alan Prendergast:

"'We strongly, strongly, strongly counsel against declawing,' says Suellen Scott, director of development for the Cat Care Society in Lakewood. Like many feline shelters, CCS has had cats that were adopted years earlier returned because of behavior problems after being declawed...

...Yet the percentage of declawed cats found among shelter populations seems to vary widely. Scott of the Cat Care Society reports that her shelter currently has sixty cats awaiting adoption. Ten are declawed cats. Most of them were returned eight years or more after they were first adopted. Six of them were returned specifically because of failure to use the litter box."

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Note: The Denver Film Society will be showing the related Project Paw documentary at the Sie FilmCenter on September 25th.  Link for more information and ordering tickets.

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