Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Berkeley District Merchants Host Painted Cats on Tennyson Street: Month of June, Including First Friday Artwalk June 7th

Cat Care Society’s Tails of the Painted Cats will be found at Tennyson Street businesses (38th Avenue to 46th Avenue) again this year. Hosted by the Berkeley District Merchants Association, Painted Cats will be at these merchants June 1st -28th, including First Friday Artwalk, June 7th (Link to Map):

ReMax - 3870 Tennyson                  
Betsy the Beautiful
Vincent Van Cat - 1st Friday only

Highlands Dance Studio - 3875 Tennyson
Pablo Picatso

Giggling Green Bean  - 3929 Tennyson

Flesher/Hinton - 3936 Tennyson
Green Eyed Lady

Ooh! Aah! Jewelry  4216 Tennyson
Celeste-Celestial Cat of the Heavens

Mouthfuls -  4224 Tennyson
Barn Cat

Clotheshorse Wendy - 4232 Tennyson

Tyg-Art Wine Bar  - 4267 Tennyson
Lily the Calla-Co Cat

Tennyson Book Bar  4280 Tennyson
Cheshire Cat

Pearl Velo Bike Shop  4301 Tennyson
Sebastian the Steampunk Messenger Cat

Planet Pet  4338 Tennyson
Six Lives

Small Batch Liquors  - 4340 Tennyson Super
Aloha Kitty

Good Art Stuff  - 4383 Tennyson
Pysanky Aloha

Tennyson Pediatric Denistry  - 4383 Tennyson
Puff 'n' Friends

Tenn St Art/Tenn St Coffee - 4418 Tennyson
Frida Kat-lo

Gallery NRC  - 4424 Tennyson

The Mac Garage - 4417 W 43rd Ave
Cat Ballou

Modestea - 4415 W 43rd Ave
Japanese Tea Kitty

Local 46 - 4586 Tennyson
The Weather Cat

Link to Tennyson Map To Find Each Cat (print and bring with you)

Link to the Tails of the Painted Cats Advanced Bidding Site

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