Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BCBR: 'Biotech building draws fresh funding'

Quoting from yesterday's article in the Boulder County Business Report:

"Biofrontiers Institute hopes to receive $3 million per year in federal funding for its Interdisciplinary and Quantitative, or IQ Biology program, which will bring 10 doctoral students together per year who have experience in computational math, differential equations, biology, modeling, simulations, and the like, to take classes and do specialized research, Cech said.

Cech, Marvin Caruthers, a founder of the biotechnology company Amgen Inc., a building donor and a CU researcher, and other leaders in the regional biotechnology industry gathered at the building for a Bioscience Roundtable Tuesday to talk about the challenges of finding funding for new companies and the opportunities to draw venture capitalists to Boulder. The roundtable was organized by the Boulder County Business Report and sponsored by law firm Berg Hill Greenleaf & Ruscitti and the accounting firm EKS&H PC...

...Also attending the roundtable were Bill Marshall, president and chief executive of miRagen Therapeutics Inc. in Boulder, Pete Neidecker, executive vice president of Mountainside Medical Colorado in Boulder, Holli Riebel, president and chief executive of the Colorado BioScience Association in Denver, David Snitman, co-founder of Array Biopharma Inc. in Boulder and David Traylor, managing director of Headwaters MB in Denver."

Link to the Boulder County Business Report

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