Thursday, August 04, 2011

CBSA Perspective: "Roche site in Boulder to be sold, operated as Corden Pharma"

Quoting from the Alicia Wallace report in the Boulder Daily Camera:

"The 265-person Roche Colorado site in Boulder is expected to be sold to International Chemical Investors Group, officials for both companies announced Wednesday....

'What's nice is it's such a specialized technical facility' that Roche still needs, said Holli Reibel, president and CEO of the Colorado BioScience Association. 'And (Corden) might really bring more product to the plant, which is excellent for Colorado.'

More and more, Reibel added, biotech and pharmaceutical companies have made moves to focus on their core capabilities and have opted to outsource manufacturing efforts elsewhere -- sometimes overseas. Corden Pharma, being a large contract manufacturer with an international reach, should be a welcome addition to Colorado's bioscience community, she said."

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