Sunday, June 26, 2011

BCBR: 'Clovis' IPO good sign for bioscience'

Quoting from the 6/24 Boulder County Business Report article by Beth Potter:

"Biopharmaceutical company Clovis Oncology Inc. plans to raise $150 million in an initial public offering, a possible indicator that future financing will pick up for other startup bioscience companies in the region, said Holli Riebel, president of the Colorado Bioscience Association...Riebel said she is 'excited' by the IPO news, considering the current austere financial environment across the United States. She mentioned Clovis' chief executive Patrick Mahaffy as one who is able to make things happen in the biotechnology world. 'This is just another example of the fantastic serial entrepreneurs we have in the state,' Riebel said of Mahaffy. 'A lot of our companies are starting to see an uptick and getting financing to go to the next stage.'"

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